WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook down, Twitter stands tall!


(ANI): As WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook apps continue to experience technical glitches, it’s Twitter that is acting as a shoulder to cry for all the jilted users. Meanwhile, memesters are having a field day. Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook users are facing problem in logging in, sharing and downloading content, and using the apps in general since earlier today. Many users have flooded Twitter complaining about the same.

While some were busy expressing their dissatisfaction via tweets, many made jokes and created memes about how people are running off to Twitter when their beloved apps are failing to work for them. In short, Twitter users are feeling proud! “Twitter is by far the default app we all run to when something’s up… #whatsappdown,” a user tweeted. “Whatsapp: Dead, Instagram: Me too, Facebook: So do I guys, Twitter: Come here baby!” another quipped. “Instagram,whatsapp and Facebook down but twitter still stands ,Lol niggas downloading twitter now real quick #whatsappdown,” another user joked. Getting a little emotional, a user wrote, “All through my stay on Twitter, twitter has never been down … twitter is home.” “Rt if you come to Twitter just to confirm WhatsApp is down?,” another tweeted.

“Facebook: Down, Instagram:Down, WhatsApp:Down, #WhatsAppDown, Twitter: Accommodating everyone,” nother user wrote alongside the video of a rodents carrying its children on its back. Taking this opportunity to send out a positive message for a mankind a user wrote, “In the world of insta,whatsapp,fb Be like twitter.”The issue is prevalent across Europe, USA, and Africa. Meanwhile in India, while the WhatsApp chat interface and Instagram posts and stories are working just fine, it’s sharing any form of media, including audio and images, which seems to be frozen, Variety reports. When trying to download pictures on WhatsApp, a notification saying, “Can’t download. Please ask that it be resent to you,” pops up on the screen.While downloading media continues to be an issue, sending of files is still active. (ANI)


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